Suppliers Products

As a potential customer we have added links to Relevant websites including a variety of product catalogues.

The Look and finish is determined by YOU the customer and to assist you this page integrates a small selection which may aid you to finding that desired finish.

Switches and Sockets
                Crabtree              Catalogue                   
                MK                       Sentry                         
                MK                       logicplus                     
                Marbo                  Catalogue                   
                Volex                    full catalogue          
                volex                     Decorative plate        
                Hagar                    Sollysta____________ __

Lighting internal
                Hagar                    Klick                             
                Hagar                    junction boxes              __
                Hagar                    Video                           
                MK                         Sensors                       
Lighting External
Consumer Units
                wylex                    17th Edition              
                Volex                    17th Edition              
                Crabtree              17th Edition               
                Hagar                    17th Edition              
                Hagar                    17th Edition video    
                MK                         Sentry